Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How do I get the best results from a photo shoot?

Answer: The goal when retaining a professional photographer should always be to produce the highest quality photographs you can afford. The cost of great quality photos may seem high, but a successful photo shoot will provide you with images you can use to increase your revenue.


By taking time to plan your shoot carefully, you will be happier with the outcome and will view your investment as a wise one.

Use these steps to attain the best results:

  • Decide on the quantity and type of photos needed, according to how they're to be used.

  • Develop a budget. Allow 3-6 weeks to plan, estimate and complete a project. The length of time the project takes will depend on the number, type, and complexity of photos needed.

  • For Location: Provide all of the creative team involved with a site map or plan noting shot location, angle, props and talent needed.

  • For Studio: Choose backgrounds and props ahead of time and set up a shot list according to size and complexity.

  • Have a pre-production meeting with the photographer. If this is not possible, at least book time at the beginning of the shoot to sit down and go over the plan.

  • Confirm with the photographer when to expect the delivery of film or digital media.

  • Store your proofs and digital media carefully and always have a back up. Some photographers keep a back up for you and include the charge in the digital processing fee. Confirm this.

Following these simple steps can save a lot of confusion and enable you to attain superior results on time and within your budget.

I'm always on hand to answer questions and discuss ideas so give me a call on your next project!

Question:  How far in advance do I need to book a photo shoot?

Answer:  Normally one to two weeks, however, we regularly accommodate
clients with quick scheduling and turn around. 

Question: When can I get my film or CD?

Answer:  Depending on the client’s needs, we can process the images within
24 hours or up to 3 days 



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